About Us

Sensor Medical was founded in 2008 to bring novel single-use devices to the field of ophthalmology. The Sensor Medical team successfully launched SMT’s Family of Single Use Ophthalmic Lenses in 2013 and millions have since been sold. In January 2016, the product line was sold to Katena Products (the Audax Group).

Through the development of the SMT’s Family of Single Use Ophthalmic Lenses, Sensor Medical’s founders recognized a notable issue that concerns all single-use device companies – the prevalent misuse of disposable equipment. Such mismanagement of single-use devices can either be purposeful or by oversight. Patient care can be impacted and hospitals suffer the consequences of risk and cost exposure, particularly in relation to hospital acquired infections.

As a solution to this problem, Sensor developed and patented its Intelligent Indicator and Film Technology as an informative visual sign that could be incorporated into various products and packaging. The Sensor team quickly appreciated that this technology would be important in the food industry as well as medical specialties and formed a separate company, Sensor Indicator Products, to pursue further application development. Many novel indicators have been developed and tested and the Company has built a notable IP portfolio.

Our focus is now food safety and reducing food waste. Our goal is to offer indicators that provide information to processors, retailers and consumers about food preparation, storage and delivery. We can easily integrate our intelligent indicators and film technology into supply chains to ensure optimal food freshness and handling.

Our passion: food safety, reducing food waste and securing your supply chain