Our Technology

Choose Your Pre-Determined Timer

Pre-programmed by design, our Intelligent Indicators can be targeted to individual device needs. The timer for each indicator is set to guide appropriate use of the device, from a few minutes to many months.

  • 5 to 30 minutes for medical devices with a short life span, such as ocular tonometers
  • 12 or 24 hours life time, such as daily wear contact lenses
  • longer life devices with requirements of 72 hours (such as peripherally inserted central catheter, PICC) or 120 hour (Foley catheter)

Choose Your Custom-made Configuration


Decals are easily affixed to medical device:

  • pre-placed during manufacture
  • placed by the end user after removal from packaging


Printing is a straightforward way of placing the indicator onto devices:

  • standard pad printing places the Intelligent Indicator directly onto the medical device
  • any symbol or text can be printed


Incorporate our Intelligent Indicator directly into polymers during the device manufacturing process:

  • integral to the plastic of the device


Design an attachment (e.g. clip-on ring) containing our Intelligent Indicator to suit your individual medical device:

  • pre-placed during manufacture, or
  • placed by the end user after removal from packaging



Choose from a Range of Color Options

Depending on the chemistry employed and the environment in which the device will be used, a variety of indicator colors are available.


Other fields, not just medical devices

Our Intelligent Indicator technology is applicable to a wide range of products. While we are currently focusing on medical devices, this technology and our patents are also relevant to other sectors including:

  • Consumable health merchandise, e.g. home health care products including feeding tubes
  • Pharmaceuticals e.g. tamper packaging for medicines
  • Cosmetics, e.g. mascara
  • The food and drink industry, e.g. freshness indication, manufacturing quality control.

Ease of Manufacture

For ease of manufacture as well as appropriate deployment of the medical device, our Intelligent Indicator are

  • available in several formats
  • simple and low cost to manufacture
  • easily integrated into device manufacture