Benefits of Intelligent Indicator Technology

A critical issue with disposable medical devices is that they are frequently used improperly. Designed for single-use applications over a limited time, they are often reused on multiple patients or not changed within the approved or safe period of time. This is true across different specialties from urology to ophthalmology and includes devices such as urinary catheters, vascular access devices, feeding tubes and ophthalmic tonometers. Sensor’s Intelligent Indicator Technology provides a visual cue of the useful life remaining in a medical device, and also indicates when ‘end of use’ time is complete.

Such notification informs doctors and support staff, as well as patients and home care givers. Sensor’s Intelligent Indicators ensure that equipment is used for the correct amount of time, thereby helping to safeguard against mistakes or purposeful misuse. This extra safely feature may help improve health care, thereby benefiting patients. Hospitals and institutions may also benefit from reduced occurrence of acquired infections, leading to decreased risk and reduced cost exposure due to proactively mitigating the risk.

Sensor’s Intelligent Indicator Technology provides value across health care settings:

Hospital Care

Home Health Care


  • Allows process control during manufacture
  • Limits any package integrity issues to individual units